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Zhang Jing Si Nude Photos Leaked

From mailbox,
Miss Commerce Hong Kong beauty queen contestant Zhang Jing Si (張淨思) goes nude for the camera. And of course her private naked photos were leaked before the pageant forcing her to withdraw her name. This is a classic “beauty queen leaked nude pic scandal” before a contest but Zhang seem to be fighting back. The beauty wrote on her Facebook page that it was pure art and not sexually obscene claiming to be professional model who pose nude, and made public that she was open to a large range of sexy professional photos and body painting. Other racy photo album can also be found of the model in her group of portfolio photos, but they seem to have been shot in studio shooting of portraits, photographs and are professional done. But the leaked nude pictures that started the scandal seem to be less than professionally shot. Most of them seem to have been shot in a hotel room by an amateur photographer, in addition to feature the model is several revealing nude poses with her legs in the air. And are much more explicit in detail than her other works.

In the wake of the leaked nude pictures, beauty pageant organizers announced that Zhang Jing Si, “withdraw from the contest for her own for personal reasons”, probably after much public outcry. The 44th session of the Commerce Expo and the “Miss Commerce Pageant,” was held at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Invited to attend the contest was well-known model and CMA Vice-President Shi Chen Jiarong as a judge. In light of the incident, Chen Jiarong said that nude photos are sometimes difficult to define is obscene, or art, depends on how we look at it. She said one should consider the main theme of nude modeling, whether it is art or pornography, “but in a lot of foreign countries nude modeling is a very common thing.” Zhang is a gorgeous 29-year-old. Her boobs are large and natural, no silicon. Her pubes are unshaven and she is not afraid to show her snatch. Which was her biggest mistake because Hong Kong seem to be really against pubic hair. So ladies, if you are from the HK then shave your bush immediately thus the outcry against you will be lessen when your nude pictures are leaked.

01_1262474901.jpg 02_1262488650.jpg 03_1262403526.jpg ZhangJingSi101_00_1262482311.jpg ZhangJingSi102_00_1262494005.jpg ZhangJingSi103_00_1262478262.jpg ZhangJingSi104_00_1262484542.jpg ZhangJingSi105_00_1262469800.jpg ZhangJingSi106_00_1262479579.jpg ZhangJingSi107_00_1262409772.jpg ZhangJingSi108_00_1262414018.jpg ZhangJingSi109_00_1262474671.jpg ZhangJingSi110_00_1262501721.jpg ZhangJingSi111_00_1262488026.jpg ZhangJingSi112_00_1262504816.jpg ZhangJingSi113_00_1262489235.jpg ZhangJingSi114_00_1262454116.jpg ZhangJingSi115_00_1262486868.jpg ZhangJingSi116_00_1262416738.jpg ZhangJingSi117_00_1262478063.jpg ZhangJingSi118_00_1262446663.jpg ZhangJingSi119_00_1262515652.jpg ZhangJingSi120_00_1262452949.jpg ZhangJingSi121_00_1262493330.jpg ZhangJingSi122_00_1262508327.jpg ZhangJingSi123_00_1262476977.jpg ZhangJingSi124_00_1262428147.jpg ZhangJingSi125_00_1262458014.jpg ZhangJingSi126_00_1262461405.jpg ZhangJingSi127_00_1262452007.jpg ZhangJingSi128_00_1262427017.jpg ZhangJingSi129_00_1262453842.jpg ZhangJingSi130_00_1262454343.jpg ZhangJingSi131_00_1262519700.jpg ZhangJingSi132_00_1262515027.jpg ZhangJingSi133_00_1262490750.jpg ZhangJingSi134_00_1262473995.jpg ZhangJingSi135_00_1262463000.jpg ZhangJingSi136_00_1262455062.jpg ZhangJingSi137_00_1262450413.jpg ZhangJingSi138_00_1262495851.jpg ZhangJingSi139_00_1262483267.jpg ZhangJingSi140_00_1262420736.jpg ZhangJingSi141_00_1262520912.jpg ZhangJingSi142_00_1262422768.jpg ZhangJingSi143_00_1262441609.jpg ZhangJingSi144_00_1262496380.jpg ZhangJingSi145_00_1262463564.jpg ZhangJingSi146_00_1262478262.jpg ZhangJingSi147_00_1262407806.jpg ZhangJingSi148_00_1262472925.jpg ZhangJingSi149_00_1262472322.jpg ZhangJingSi150_00_1262421591.jpg ZhangJingSi151_00_1262436473.jpg ZhangJingSi152_00_1262443753.jpg ZhangJingSi153_00_1262510625.jpg ZhangJingSi154_00_1262474786.jpg ZhangJingSi155_00_1262480379.jpg ZhangJingSi156_00_1262508761.jpg ZhangJingSi157_00_1262518196.jpg ZhangJingSi158_00_1262452911.jpg ZhangJingSi159_00_1262509943.jpg ZhangJingSi160_00_1262480178.jpg ZhangJingSi161_00_1262406361.jpg ZhangJingSi162_00_1262493114.jpg ZhangJingSi163_00_1262450389.jpg ZhangJingSi164_00_1262416405.jpg ZhangJingSi165_00_1262442446.jpg ZhangJingSi166_00_1262402455.jpg ZhangJingSi167_00_1262469599.jpg ZhangJingSi168_00_1262520670.jpg ZhangJingSi169_00_1262416568.jpg ZhangJingSi170_00_1262495844.jpg ZhangJingSi171_00_1262494031.jpg ZhangJingSi172_00_1262479566.jpg ZhangJingSi173_00_1262423004.jpg ZhangJingSi174_00_1262471568.jpg ZhangJingSi175_00_1262413064.jpg ZhangJingSi176_00_1262419430.jpg ZhangJingSi177_00_1262405041.jpg


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