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Taiwan Night Club Dancer Exposed

Who wanna try a dancer?

Taiwan Night Club Dancer Exposed

This is a chick who do pole and erotic dancing at the night in Taiwan. She is also a featured ‘dancer’ at the QWQ Show.com. Her nicknamed is given 小蝶 or Siu Dep. Her profile in the website : 動感之星ShowTimeDancer-小蝶 No.45. She can be hired to be private show for you. Not so sure whether the private show would ends at the pole though. Yes, of cos what we gonna see below are much ‘juicier’ than her dancing.. ;) Thanks to Shan, now we can peek at her private photos that being exposed over the web. Said to be leaked by a close friend of her. The photos shows her posting on bed and exposing her vagina. Plus few shots of her performing oral. But we don’t her xxx-rated video(if there is any). Below is her weblinks, her youtube video and download files of her dirty and sexy photos.

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Here are a clip of her posted on youtube..

More links to her video at QWQ Show,



Scroll down for te download links,

Another video of her (not x-rated)




[Non-nude Sexy Photos of Dancers From QWQ Show - 223 photos]





[Her Naughty Photots - 71 photos]





thanks to shan

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