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Kelantan Couple Have Their Own Sex Scandal

Kelantan Couple Have Their Own Sex Scandal

Another young Malay couple sextape circulated on the websphere.. Lucky for the dude, the girl is very hot and very bitchy! The girl is said to be 19 years old from Kelantan, Northern part of Malaysia.

After watching some many Malaysian flicks as well as photos, I had concluded some facts about Malay girls especially…
1 – Most Malaysian are muslim, because Jews are evils.
2 – Most Malay female wears tudung, because they reserves the best parts for their husband.
3 – Malay girls are hot and very horny, because they eat too much cilis.
4 – They loves their handphones, they likes to record videos.
5 – They loves using their handphone to records their own actions… Since their braodband is so sucks, it is hard to download porno. So they may as well make their own…
What a glory nation with just populations of 20 millions…!









thanks to yus

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