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Complete Sarah Basco Photos And Video (revisit)

Complete pinay Sarah Basco scandal Photos And Video

In case anyone missed my previous post on this sweet pinay cutie. Here we have here again. With the more complete photos sex and video. Look out for her super stupendous booty! A nursing student at the University of the East, Manila by the name of Sarah Basco.

She swear to god that the video and the photos wasn’t meant for all to view. It was supposed to be for her boyfriend who was working abroad at that time and she really blame herself for trusting him.

But looking at the bright side, she has many fans around the world now!

Scroll download for the download links,

sarah42_00_1259215456.jpg sarah43_00_1259203341.jpg sarah44_00_1259141784.jpg sarah45_00_1259198041.jpg sarah46_00_1259206649.jpg sarah47_00_1259098021.jpg sarah48_00_1259203210.jpg sarah49_00_1259213670.jpg sarah50_00_1259120627.jpg Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post Asian Amateur Post sarah61_00_1259104241.jpg sarah62_00_1259127500.jpg sarah63_00_1259200306.jpg sarah64_00_1259164078.jpg sarah65_00_1259124244.jpg sarah66_00_1259157525.jpg sarah67_00_1259196036.jpg sarah68_00_1259120461.jpg sarah69_00_1259177199.jpg sarah70_00_1259126997.jpg

:: the photos set [92 pics]




see below for her pillow jerking video.


:: the video




thanks to tim

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  1. so, sarah. hope you always have a good day. i’m a filipino. like you. ;-)

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