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Taiwan University Sex Tape


Taiwan university babe nude photos and sex videos with her boyfriend exposed. This was last year or maybe earlier content i received but i just need to hold back to wait to collect more complete version. Thanks to bro Kenny he send some extra pics and footage. Anyone has more of this girl on her info or content, please send it to us.

(please scroll down to download the videos)

Download here (you only need one file – choose you host),




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  1. omg the first 2 vids stop right in the beginning! Does anyone have another source for the vids??? This girl is too hot.

  2. I ain’t sure but I think this girl should be Thai. look at her uniform in this pic “http://www.imagearn.com/thumbs/1253151192634.jpeg” and compare with this post “http://asianpost.be/blog/2010/01/sexy-thai-university-babe/” (It was me who send the pic in that post to you, bro). It’s Thai university uniform and plus, i have seen this before in Thai adult webboard. The poser said it was leak from a mobile that was sent to fix at MBK center (It’s a Thai shopping mall)

    Just an opinion, I ain’t sure what’s Taiwan uniform look like. it may look like Thai university university and I have to accept this girl look like Taiwanese or Chinese more than Thai. She may be really taiwanese, who know.

  3. I wanted to share ma gf pic in private….be even u sud share too..mail meh at nimatshering@yaho.com

  4. could you plese post the vids again, since they are not available at the links you provid. thanks you

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